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Micro-machining and MEMS molding

Page history last edited by Chris Miksovsky 8 years, 9 months ago

Original query (June 18, 2015)

Hi, Alums. 

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with or leads for micro-machining and MEMS molding. We are exploring molding something in relatively high volumes that has features on the order of 5~50 microns (.005~.05mm) in size. Thanks for any input and I will compile and post responses to the wiki.




Mark Roszko <mroszko@mikrotech.com>

Brian Matachun <bmatachun@mtdmicromolding.com>

Gail Forsyth <gailf@teamvantage.com>





I've not had them do any work for me, but my x-business partner was good friends with the CEO, Eric Miller and he always seemed like a good guy. 



I actually did a bunch of mems research in undergrad. Kris Pister at Berkeley would be a great contact to reach out to - his lab works on MEMS and his company, SmartDust is/was a mems company.



Accumold in Iowa. 




Not cheap, but this their sweet spot. 



Bill Evans over at Bridge Design knew a lot about this technology at one point. Not sure if he is current or not, but might be worth pinging him.



Check out http://www.amfitzgerald.com/

They are MEMS consultants. Founder, Alissa Fitzgerald, is a Stanford Alum.





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