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Rolf Faste quotes and stories

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The rules of brainstorming:

1. Defer judgment (Don’t apply conventional wisdom).

2. Piggyback and leapfrog off the ideas of others (Don’t make logical connections).

3. Go for quantity and variety (Don’t focus).



"Defer judgment" doesn't go far enough. Gleefully suspend judgment!



Creativity is in the tails.



There is nothing particularly spectacular about doing creative things; we do thousands of them every day. 



Training prepares a person for a future which is predictable.

Education prepares a person for a future which is not predictable.



What you think affects your body. What you do affects your thinking.



"Hardening of the categories leads to art failure." (Attributed to sculptor/engineer Kenneth Snelson)



The mottos of Synectics are:

Education involves making the strange familiar. 

Invention involves making the familiar strange.

(From W.J.J. Gordon's Synectics)



(When perspective drawing):

There is no need to use a straightedge. Rulers are training wheels, but control comes with speed. You can’t ride a bicycle slow.



Elegance: the multiplicity of variables over the simplicity of the solution.



Creativity isn’t a can of STP. It isn’t something that can be added to top off the tank of knowledge.



Quality is qualitative and quantity is quantitative.



Emphatic statements are never true!



Being original requires going back to one's origins.



All things exist in this moment concurrently. All taxonomies are false, and useful.



You know more than you think you know.



The hardest thing to become aware of are the hidden assumptions behind what you have learned.



"Take ideas wherever you find them, but always credit to your source. That way you'll know when you've had a truly creative idea of your own." (Attributed to Prof. August Coppola at UCSF)


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