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UI Inspiration Sites

Page history last edited by Anisha Jain 10 years, 6 months ago

 Any favorite sites for UI Patterns/Elements/Inspiration?







http://pttrns.com/ for iOS

 This one is great if you are designing for Android phones:http://androidniceties.tumblr.com/




- dribbble: Two advantages to dribbble 1. great way to find pattern/ui freebies and 2. people are willing to share their process (some even make process videos).

- Processing.org has code to riff or build on for custom experiences...

- LittleBigDetails is a nice compliment to Dribbble because its more about functionality details then aesthetics.

- "Microinteractions" book

- If you want a little inbox inspiration, Sidebar.io sends five curated design links out every day.

Also, Hacker News is not necessarily design-centric, but is great for keeping up with what's new and interesting in startup land.






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