Loft History

Hey all!


Following Michael's timely e-mail, I'm happy to announce that the Loft History pages are now online! Thanks all who helped out, I think we've hit upon a great solution.


Our stories and a few key photos can go here:

Anything you've sent in the e-mail chain would be fantastic to put on Tumblr, please re-post!


Big stacks of photos can go here:

SmugMug is our batch repository of photos, a place to flip through snapshots and reminisce. We can also link to it from Tumblr posts.


Both have the same login info:


Password: YouAreHere



To help make this process go more smoothly, please tag albums! That way you can quickly have access to, for instance, all the Personal Statement photos through the years, or pictures from your first year. At the bottom of this e-mail is a list of suggested tags.


Please start posting and contributing, it's only as good as the content we create! Also, if anyone can help better customize the look of either site, please let me know. Thanks!


As always,



Suggested SmugMug tags (please add to list):