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Freight Forwarders

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We have been using http://www.expeditors.com/ with very good results.We are shipping mostly from FarEast and I would not know their level of experience from India.
PD Grad 2002


I have placed some students at Expediters, a global freight forwarder based in South San Francisco (I think--could be a nearby city). They have good experience in the areas you mentioned.




Bruce A. Heiman <bheiman59@yahoo.com>



For our international shipments from China, we have been using a small FF company called JDI Logistics (literally stands for "Just Do It").  They have been fleet-of-foot in times of vessel overbooking and cancellations, and Orbit Baby has come to rely on them pretty heavily for international shipments and logistics at origin (i.e. China).  They have a US branch that is not as reliable (for port-to-door service), but so far on all of our international shipments (int'l destinations), they have been top-notch.  We also use K+N and UPS for the more predictable shipments.  Not sure what your volume is, but if it's about 2 TEUs (20' CTN) per month, K+N and UPS are both viable options, and they have the infrastructure to support you (i.e., online tracking tools, multiple points of contact at multiple origins and destinations).  JDI doesn't have the digital toolset that UPS and K+N has, but they're highly competent, and they have thus far gotten the job done through thick and thin.  If you're interested in JDI, please let me know, and I'll put you in touch with their CEO (in ShenZhen, China).


Alan Feng

MEng PD '05


Lawrence Shubert <lshubert@zipinnovations.com> wrote:

Jimmy Ting @ www.great-world.com



I’ve used these guys before a few years back.  They were pretty responsive back then.



Andrew Zee <andrewz@lunar.com>



UPS just sent me some very reasonable rates from China to the US, for an FCL 20-ft container.


Jessica Cohen <jessica.cohen@tambino.com>




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