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Hi Everybody,


I'm looking for a vendor to make some silicone parts for me.  The

silicone bit will be like a jacket on the outside of the product--like

those little bumper jackets they put on wii controllers.


Any leads would be much appreciated.  I'll compile and post.


Happy Spring!






you might try hanaco. they make keypads but there's no reason they might not be be able to make your part. 


fred bould 




I would highly recommend trying Model Solution out of Korea. They have been fast, cheap, and high quality every time I've used them. I pretty much don't use anyone else anymore.


Danny Sung (overseassales@model-solution.com)



Good luck!


Carl Bettag



A friend of mine and fellow PD alum Mario Madrigal works at ProtoCafe (www.protocafe.com)...I know they have a pretty wide range of capabilities, but I'm pretty sure they could do something like this.


His email address is mario.madrigal@protocafe.com and his work number is 650.369.4678


Hope that helps!






Not sure if this is exactly what your looking for but, Erick Dunn is a local (SF) moldmaker whose made some good (relatively low tech) polyurethane parts for me from fdm originals.   I use him for prototyping.  His # is 4153683420.

Good luck!


For production, I recommend Advanced Engineering and Molding Technology.

They are molding a silicon pump seal for me right now.  They're in

Riverside, but offer pretty competitive pricing when you factor in import

duties on parts made in China.  The contact is:


Michael Bluff

(951) 653-8461






Ramon Alarcon






  Sam Homans

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