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Date: 10:39 PM GMT, 01/28/2005

From: joehei@yahoo.com


Thanks to everyone who contributed,




Here's a rough compilation:


The Crucible is an awesome place in Oakland. It's only 2 blocks away from

Bart. www.thecrucible.org


There is a wonderful fine woodworking gallery in Half Moon Bay called

Gallery M (www.gallerym.net).


The owner is very knowledgeable, and probably would have some



1. CCA (the California College of Crafts), San Francisco's "intro to wood

furniture" class . During the year, non-enrolled students can take the wood

department classes if there is room, and in the summer there are extended ed

classes in the evening and on the weekends. In CCA classes you will learn

more then just how to use the tools, you will learn a lot about design,

composition and fine art. The classes are small (~14 students) so you get a

lot of personal attention and also great access to the shop outside of



2. Laney College, Oakland. Some of the CCA instructors also teach at



3. UC Berkeley Extension. They have an intro to furniture class (or at

least they did several years ago) offered through the architecture

department. The class is huge, so you don't get a lot of one-on-one

attention, but the shop is great and you will learn what you need to know to

complete your project.


The classes at Woodcraft are generally specific to a certain task, so I

think a general introduction to woodworking class is needed first. I don't

know about the classes at the Grew-Sheridan studio, but John Grew-Sheridan

is a very nice guy and makes good work.


Contact CCA or check their web site. They have a furniture making program.

It's of course concept-oriented rather than technical, but they may have



He may want to join SF3D@yahoogroups.com, and post a note there. It's for

people working in 3D design/fabrication physical, not virtual.

Donald Fortescue is the moderator, who is also the head of the CCA Furniture

Program. The list is made up of primarily furniture makers and designers.


There are also many extended education courses in design, art schools, and

community colleges which have fabrication classes.

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