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Web Engineering Firms

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Initial Request:


Greetings PDers,

We're searching for a stellar web application engineering firm to help one of our favorite clients realize the web-based component of a hardware/software service we are helping them launch. The ideal firm would have the following characteristics...

  • Strong empathy for user-centered design, tight collaboration with external interaction design teams
  • Experience with social networking and youth populations
  • Track record of building and launching full-scale commercial sites serving hundreds of thousands (or more)
  • Experience with data visualization and/or online game design
  • Equally proficient at building user interfaces utilizing modern front-end technologies, robust and scalable back-end architectures, and robust administrative controls
  • Able to collaborate with our client on platform selection and custom vs. off-the-shelf trade-offs for several different aspects of the site
  • We have a preference for a small, tightly knit team
  • Ideally local to the Bay area, but not a must-have

If you have any recommendations, we would be most grateful. And I will compile and post results on the wiki.


Sven Newman

Recommendations Received:


http://fluid.com  :  I think they have lately specialized in e-commerce but there are some super smart people there, and I think, if your gig wasn't right for them, they would point you to some place more appropriate. If you want to pursue this, try starting with an email to Kent Deverell <deverell@fluid.com>.

http://matmi.com/  : I haven't worked with this organization, and they may not be what your looking for, but they seem exceptionally competent on a few of the points you're looking to address, so I thought I'd pass them along.  UK based, I believe. http://matmi.com/

www.trippertlabs.com  :  That all sounds very much like the company I work for. We basically design, build and manage social applications and games on the web, on social networks and on the iPhone.  We work with web and 3D technologies ranging from LAMP, Flash, and Shockwave to Objective-C and OpenGL.  Our clients include NBC and Electronic Arts.  You can check out some of our work at our website www.trippertlabs.com.  We are based in Menlo Park.

www.ilgstudios.com  :  I have worked extensively in the past with a web development firm called ILG Studios (ilgstudios.com).  They are extremely strong on the engineering side of things from top to bottom (doing web apps for Sony and smaller clients).  Regarding design, they are quite proficient at fundamentals, but I do not know if they have the specific design background that you need.  I have worked well with them in concert with a specialized usability professional. In any case, you can contact Baris Misman at baris.misman@ilgstudios.com.  The team is located in Turkey but Baris does travel extensively to the US as needed (and was previously based in the US).




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