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Sand Casting

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Date: 11:09 PM GMT, 10/05/2006

From: Heather Fleming


thanks for all the replies. "General Foundry" in San Leandro is the clear

winner (if this is a contest), which I got *multiple* references for.


Thanks all,



If you are just going for a small number of parts (less than 4) we think our

best bet is Vista. They have all the capabilities and outside relationships to

finish and deliver a completed part including painting. The cost for tooling

is low but part cost is relatively high, especially if you order higher

volumes. We have references from Toro Lawn Mower. They can make up to 100

parts from their tool


Vista Technologies- http://www.vistatek.com/capabilities_casting.html

Deliver 4 weeks from P.O and Database


Another possibility for low volume is Peridot, Inc.. They are also a proto

house and have shown an ability to finish and deliver parts to Whirlpool and

others. They have all the capabilities and outside relationships to finish and

deliver a completed part including painting. Their tool will last for only 20

parts or so and a volume production tool will be a significant additional cost

which we feel is kind of steep.


Peridot Inc.- http://www.peridotinc.com/prototype-cast-parts.html

Deliver 5 weeks from P.O and Database



Harmony Castings is a V Process sand caster and they have demonstrated good

expertise and an ability to handle quality parts. They have all the

capabilities and relationships to deliver a finished part including

painting. Their tooling is a bit higher but their finished piece part price is

better, especially over volume production. With volume production, they may

suggest making a straightening fixture that will add an addition $3,500 to

tooling but this is only for volume production. They can produce unlimited

parts with the tooling that they make for the first part. We think Harmony is

a good bet for a longer term relationship.



Harmony Castings.- http://www.harmonycastings.com

Deliver 5 weeks from P.O and Database

I have used these Supplier Reps to get to local Casting folks (California):


C.H. Ozbun, LJS Associates



Charles Balwin, Wisner Associates



also might check out http://ga.ecastingmetal.com/

General Foundry over in San Leandro


Contact: Keith Krook (nice guy)


They do good work, small volume through 1000's of pieces.

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