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Prototype or low-run injection mold tooling

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Here is a compiled list of responses for prototype / fast turn molding vendors.


Thanks everyone. -Adam

We've had good luck with Brian at fineline machining. , "Brian Laibach" <finelinemach@msn.com>

He works with John at nica corporation for the molding. John doesn't really do email, so look them up and give them a call.

No guarantees if they can do the part that you need, but they've been pretty receptive with us in the past and they are really fast and really cheap.  They have a habit of quoting much faster turn times than they actually deliver on (if they say they'll get you parts in 10 days, it'll likely be 2 weeks...) so just keep that in mind.
Try Phillips Plastics - Zach Hayman 707-433-4132
I've used 2 folks in the US for many different Al tools.

Elfy- local guy. Lots of experience. Fast & good prices.   Best for small parts as he uses MUD set tooling- about 5" X 5" max front area.  Also he does not like to do slides. Will do simple slides but they are hand operated so nothing fancy.
 Elias ( Elfy) Eleftheriades
    work    650-365-3745
    mobile    415-999-0496
    work    elfy@elfys.com

PTA Corp.
A full tooling shop (in denver). will do most anything. Good tools Fast. 
There AL tools can be used for initial production up to 100,000 parts.
Attocell is great (http://www.attocell.com). We use them a lot.

Once met with Rapid Product Development Group, Inc. (http://www.rpdg.com) although haven't used them yet. 
It's been a while since I used them, but they were really good on a very tricky elastomer part.

Jeff Lange
Plastic Model Engineering
W. 4595 Selway Avenue - Post Falls, ID - 83854
(208) 773-9998 - (800) 821-4033 - FAX (208) 773-7667
Danny Sung at Model Solutions does some really good work (http://www.model-solution.com/)  but your deep draw and material might be challenging.    I've worked w/ PTA also and they're very good, but not cheap.
Try these guys. I know they've made great parts (both RP and low volume tools) for a bunch of my colleagues.
Generally a 3 wk turn.
Danny Sung, Model Solution
One other person to talk to (may or may not be a good fit) would be Howard Mullin at Control Plastics, who reps tool desginers in Taiwan. Also generally a 3 wk turn.
(650) 222-0066
One is Model Solution (http://www.model-solution.com/) a Korean firm who has done some very high quality, incredibly fast turnaround work for us in steel tools.  You can ask for Danny Sung.

The other is Ganem Family Enterprises (http://www.gfellc.com/contact.htm) in Maine.  They do more of the conventional soft tooling, but have a real depth of experience with tricky plastics and funky tools.  They may be better if you want to do some experimentation and get real-time feedback on your design and how to get it to work. Small shop, folksy guys, but really know their stuff.
Advanced Technology: Jay Riddle at jayriddle@10dayparts.com http://www.10dayparts.com/index.php I just got parts back from these guys, and they do good work.  Their mold material/process is proprietary so it’s not aluminum, but they are in the low-volume, rapid-turn business. They also are much more amenable to changes than ProtoMold.
Solid Concepts: http://www.solidconcepts.com/injection-molding.html  -- Their rapid IM support staff is in AZ; the factory is overseas,  I don’t have any experience with their injection molding, but they do good work on protos (SLS, urethanes, etc) and were selling their IM capabilities last time I spoke with them.
AIM: http://www.aimplastics.com/prototype.asp  Debi Metcalfe (debi@aimplastics.com) or Paul Dillon (pdillon@aimplastics.com) I have not used them for Al molds, but they offer that service.  On the regular steel molds they are very quick to respond and do great work.




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