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Product Photographers

Page history last edited by Elijah Woolery 3 years, 10 months ago

Updated recommendations (8/7/2020)


via Thomas Both

Patrick Beaudouin, living in SF, does product photography.


He shot all the photos on this page:



3 recommendations for Mark Serr

Mark Serr




via Brandon Cheung


Check out Mark Serr


I've used him in the past. He's really good. 


via DeWolf Emory

I'm still a huge fan of Mark Serr's work. He's on the wiki...


via Peter Lowe


I also want to put in a good word for Mark- he worked with me on a product shoot 2 years ago and I was really pleased with the results.  He’s a great guy too!



Other recommendations:


via Dave Maltz

Lance Shows is still awesome: https://lanceshows.com/ 

He does a lot of work for Logitech, as well as food work


via Mike Strasser

I checked the wiki and second productphotography.com especially now when you want to keep your distance, shipping it to them is so much easier.


via Tom Watson

Id also recommend Liz Celeste. Liz worked with us on the Future of Flight project for Airbus and was the consummate professional, documenting our prototype.


Email: wooste.924@gmail.com


Website: http://www.lizceleste.com/bio


via Mason Curry

Here’s some recommendations from a friend who works as a stylist 




via Matthew Crowley

I’d recommend Hugo Ahlberg who’s recently left AirBNB to do freelance product photography. 

Great creative eye  






Older recommendations


From Andy Diaz Hope:

I highly recommend Lance Shows in San Francisco. He's got a great sense of light and can make even the trickiest, highly reflective surfaces look great.


His website is www.lanceshows.com. I don't think he updates it too often, but I know he's done a bunch of work with MOTO, frog and Logitech among others.



From Carl Bettag:

Lance Shows, www.lanceshows.com. Has done product photography for several prominent Bay Area firms.



From Tim Sheiner:

Lance Shows



He's a personal friend, and does me the favor of taking an annual photo of my family for our holiday card. However, his business is really product photography, not portraits. An incredibly nice guy and I figure if, as a sideline, he can consistently produce a great photo

of me and my 3 squirming kids, he can nail a picture of your product.




From Christina Chiou:

My friend's company does awesome photography:





From Kiersten Muenchinger:

Markus Hanschen

(415) 595-8676





Mark Serr






From Bill Burnett:

I've used Tom Upton, both at Stanford and at D2M, with great results. Here's his contact info:


Tom Upton

(650)-325-8120 in Palo Alto


Web site: www.tomstudio.com



From Chris Miksovsky:

I've heard great things about productphotography.com. They're in Las Vegas, but I'm told they're relatively inexpensive, and do great, consistent work.




From Chris Luomanen:

Stephania Serena





Do-it-yourself advice from Jin Tsubota:

on an overcast day, put your product outside with a neutral background, shoot with any digital or analog camera, no flash



or, on a very sunny day, put your product in the shadow of a tall building (just inside an open garage sometimes works), neutral background, any camera, no flash



i used to teach photo and these methods are cheaper than hiring a photographer and actually result in very high quality pictures (I would argue they result in better pictures than you can get with a professional lighting set up since natural sunlight is full spectrum and guarantees true colors).



if you want to get fancy you can "bracket" your photos by adjusting the shutter speed or aperture to ensure correct exposure. if you use a black or white background, i would definitely bracket the pictures.



hope that helps


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