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Plastic Sheets

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(Created by John Edmark 11/20/06)




From Jenny Buck










From Meg Bruce


I can definitely help you get clear or white flexible plastic sheeting at non-production run sizes.

My company is 3form and we make enviro resins, poly ethalene based with recycled content.

I am the N.California rep, just give a call or better yet - check out the web then call.

www.3-form.com; if you want simple go to materials, then Varia, then colors, or just go ahead and get lost online theres a lot of really cool stuff. The product is used mostly for architectureal applications, but we also do a ton of architectural lighting.







From Robert Garrett


Another thing you might look for is Nomex sheet… it’s white(ish), comes in multiple thicknesses, and it’s heat resistant.





From Fred Bould


i have a catalogue for a french lamp shade materials company that makes something like this. it may be difficult to actually get some unless you buy it in production quantities but they may send a sample. you are welcome to stop by and have a look.





From David Northway








Those "thin" cutting boards that are sold at Target that you can cut on and

then "bend" to pour cut item into a pot are made from PP,...perhaps you

could contact the manf of those?







From Chris McCaslin


I'm assuming that you already looked at this, and I know it's $$, but I have

some PTFE sheets from McMaster that were described as "translucent with

white tint" and they look a lot like that polypro. In 15 mil (thinnest I

have) it completely diffuses a 300W halogen bulb at close range, and it's

true white.


I think IKEA sells several lamps made

of a like material, and they're pretty cheap. If it's for a proto, there

might be big enough pieces to deconstruct one of those, depending on your






From Thomas Howell


i think i remember seeing such plastic at TAP plastic.

sheets, about 24X36"


also, look at plastic file folders,

at Office Depot





From Colter Leys


i've been fairly successful in getting this place over in newark to order specific plastics (usually comes in a couple days). They're called Tri-city plastics at (510) 742-8008. I usually talk to Tim. Might give 'em a try.






From Arne Lang-Ree


You may have already found them on the web, but you might try calling Modern

Plastics, a massive distributor of stock materials.







From Chris Miksovsky


You might try Plastics SRT:


Plastics SRT

2626 E. Bayshore Prkwy.

Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 968-0100

ABS, acrylic, Plastic sheet, Plastic rod, Plastic tube SRT = Sheet, Rod, and

Tube. Small pieces only. High prices but will cut small pieces to order and

has plenty of hard to find stock on hand.





From Scott Sullivan


I found this website:




Seems to have white Polypropylene sheet and it's close to the right thickness 1/32".


Check out ThomasRegister.com - put in polypropylene sheet and you'll get a bunch of hits.





From Art Sandoval


Hey John...these guys might have it...I've gotten translucent pp from them before--not white though, and not so thin...http://pvctech.com/pages/pg_polypro/pp_sheet.shtml

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