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Life Cycle Assessment

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Hey folks-

The following are a few links dealing with Life Cycle Assessment and the design process. I didn't get many responses from the PD alum list, so I hope this is a useful place to start for some of you.

And please let me know if you come across any other great resources. These are things we all should keep learning about.






LCA 101

 Basics of an LCA 
Written guide to sustainable design. Information includes:


  • Updated Lifecycle impact assessment
  • Impact factors for 240 materials and processes
  •  New guidelines for disassembly and recycling
  • More (see site)
Leading LCA software developer of SimaPro. (fairly expensive)


Ecoinvent Database

A good supplier of consistent and transparent life cycle inventory (LCI) data of known quality - offers science-based, industrial, international life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle management (LCM) data and services. Works with SimaPro. (also kind of expensive. Thanks Jer)


2nd international ecoinvent event: presentations online

PDF downloads of event materials


Up and coming user-friendly sustainable design tool. (Thanks Sophia)


The Designers accord

The Designers Accord is a voluntary agreement for designers and design consultancies promising to make sustainability concerns a part of every project and encourage sharing information and resources. Well worth checking out.

IDSA Ecodesign links

Inspiration, News & Infrastructure

Professions & Competitions

Strategies & Methods



EPA case studies


  • Modeling More Sustainable Aluminiumy.
  • Design for the Environment: Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Packaging Issues.
  • More
PRe Eco design Links list


PRe LCA links list



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