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Laptop Hinge Vendors

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I haven't used them personally but others here have...


we had good luck with hanaya.


they were able to fedex us samples tuned to our requested torque rating in a few days


Laptop repair

http://www.frictionhinge.com/  (Reell)


Also Strawberry Corp, Sugatsune





Other US vendor is CEMA, now owned by conglomerate Southco 


CEMA used to be flaky, but now that they are owned by Southco, may be better,

The US vendors sell low volume for projects of thier standard/off the shelf products

There are many vendors in Asia, who copy/second source Reel, but Reel is best US manufacturer of miniature clutches,..we used them back in the day at Apple.



This might be too late but you can try SZS in Taiwan.  They have off the shelf products as well as make custom hinges.

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