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Green Design

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Date: 10:14 PM GMT, 03/07/2006

From: catherine sun



Hello all,


Below are some upcoming 2006 conferences which seem to be focused on Green Design/Design for Sustainability:









Other 2006 conferences that are related, but perhaps not entirely design-focused:



The GLOBE series of conferences has become the nexus for global networking and leadership on the business of the environment. Biennially, thousands of environmental business leaders, corporate environmental managers and sustainability practitioners come together in Vancouver, Canada to explore the mutually inclusive goals of corporate sustainability, business growth, energy solutions, responsible investment and urban development.



LOHAS 10 is a three-day business conference that will bring together leaders from Fortune 500 companies, LOHAS businesses, the entertainment industry, and celebrities to focus on how businesses, media and entertainment can be leveraged to educate, shape and influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions while promoting lifestyles of health and sustainability. If you or your business is involved in conscious commerce, this is an event that should not be missed.



...promotes the technologies, products, and services to Power Up ~ Build Green ~ Drive Clean.




Lastly, below are great comments on a few of the above, and other conferences, from Sophia Wang (sophia_wang@mindspring.com) who is one of the co-founders of the o2bayarea chapter, a network of designers interested in environmentally sensitive design. (Thanks, Sophia!)


> compostmodern: you just missed compostmodern which was in SF. it was

> a few weeks ago. I can forward you some notes from one of the o2

> guys who attended if you're interested. it was put together by the

> AIGA and IDSA, their second conference. I didn't make it this year

> but last year's was pretty good. I don't think I learned much new

> but was well attended and more design-related than most.

> http://www.compostmodern.org/


> IEEE ISEE: in May in SF. this is an electronics conference that

> focuses on environmental issues. my colleague is involved in some of

> the planning. I've attended a number of years ago. academic and

> industry papers. there are design issues addressed, but NOT really

> so much DESIGN.

> http://www.regconnect.com/content/isee/


> Take It Back: in April in Vegas. I haven't attended this, but my

> colleague will be presenting there. (his talk might be of interest

> to you.) although it is presented by an organization that works a

> lot with recyclers (thus, take it back), my colleague said they

> aren't all recyclers there and presenting.

> http://www.takeitbackconference.com/


> Sustainable Innovation 06: I have never attended this conference as

> it has always been in the UK. this is the first year it will be in

> the US. so, I'm likely to go. the org that puts this one together

> also puts together the Journal of Sustainable Product Design (http:

> //www.cfsd.org.uk/journal/)

> http://www.cfsd.org.uk/events/tspd11/index.html


> EnvironDesign: I've never attended this, but my understanding is

> that it is much more geared towards built design--architects,

> interior designers.


> LOHAS: in looking for conferences, I came across this as well. I was

> told that it is a bit more about personal lifestyle than business.


> Green Festival: the last one was late last year. the next one in SF

> is in Nov. it's more of a personal lifestyle with various products

> type of conference/event. two days of a weekend. pretty inexpensive.

> pretty good if you've never been to one and inspirational speakers,

> but not design specific.

> http://greenfestivals.com/


> Bioneers: I've been to this one a number of years ago as well. good

> inspirational speakers. some business-related but not design-

> specific. not sure when the next one is. usually held up in the

> north bay area.

> http://www.bioneers.org/


> O2 Netherlands: they used to have a conference that was VERY design-

> specific. I heard from the o2chicago guy who attended one that it

> was excellent with hands-on projects during the conference. however,

> they haven't held one in a little while, I think.

> http://www.o2.org


> Society for Responsible Design: they are in Australia. doesn't look

> like they have listed any 2006 events really. looks like they had a

> conference last August, though.

> http://www.green.net.au/srd/News_Events.html


> Eco-Products Exhibition: they just held this last December. didn't

> hear how it was but seemed pretty good.

> http://www.vcc.ne.jp/eco2005/english/

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