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3D scanning, 3D artists, and 3D processing

Pitch Deck Resources

Metal stock and billet suppliers

Bay area soft goods proto houses

Estimating part pricing

Mold Release (Food)

Desktop Injection Molding Machines

Cast iron and polymerized coating

Art Fabricators

3D Printing Metal


Electrical Components Bay Area

Electrical Engineering Contractors

Branding Designers

Plywood or Laser Cutting

Production CNC Machining

Books (Design) by Women and People of Color

Product Photographers

CNC Machining - Bay Area

Lawyers for Partnership Agreements

FDA Regulatory Consultants

Testing Houses

PCB fab and assy

US Contract Manufacturers

Force gauge and linear scales

Optically Diffusive White Backpaint

Quickturn Tooling and Material Tuning May 2020

Cast Urethane

Appearance models

Contract Manufacturers in Asia (other than China)

Contract Manufacturers in Mexico

Mexico contract manufactures

Design Firms Bay Area

New Product Introduction (NPI)

QC Agencies

3PL Providers - Bay Area (2019)

Video Production (Bay Area 2019)

Vacuum Forming

Paint booth access, supplies

Metal Fab Bay Area

Small OTS Parts and Fastners

RF Consultants

Sound Design Consultants

Motion Graphics for Product Illustration or Mechanism of Action Animation

Royalies for Lighting


Raise Negotiation Advice

Matt Kahn Quotes and stories

Stanford Design Impact Engineering Masters Degree

Stanford's Joint Program in Design

Design Thinking and Finance

Illustrators and Sketch Artists

Insurance for Artwork

Sheetmetal: 2-3 day Turn

Freight Forwards_US Customs Brokers_3PLs

Leatherwork in San Francisco

GDT Resources

Product Management Books, Resources

Laser cutters

Design Thinking: Large companies practicing

CNC Routing Houses (Wood, Prototyping)

Casting vendors - US

House and Home Building and Remodeling

CMF Consultants in SF

Billable Rates for Design Engineers

Sheetmetal Prototype Vendors

ME101 Design Problems

Online course or tutorial platforms

Packaging in the Bay Area

Bay Area Packaging

Bay Area small business accounting and insurance

Thermal Consultants

User testing (remote)

Micro-machining and MEMS molding

Video Deidentification tools, services


Innovative Retail Concepts July 2014

Sewing facilities for prototyping and small minimums

Interaction Design Reading List

Wire Forming - Prototyping vendors (2013)


Carbon Fiber

Rolf Faste quotes and stories

Design process and research books


SolidWorks Tolerance Analysis

Designing products with high perceived quality

Teaching sketching to Engineers in an hour or so

Plastic Color Specifications

Small business accounting and insurance agent recommendations (Bay Area)

UI Inspiration Sites

SF Machine Shops

Mac IT Folks

Light Weight Laptops for SolidWorks use

Laptop Hinge Vendors

Optical Lightpipe Expert


ERP options for small company

Lean Product Development


Plastic Craft

foamcore alternatives

Overmolding with LSR injection molding for LED application

Board Game Manufacturers

One Week Design Themed Vacation in Europe

Loft History


Kickstarter Goal Setting

Turned parts, Screw Machine

Health Insurance

Health Care small company

Miniature Elastomer Molders

Website-builder websites

Rotary Damper Suppliers

Space Partitions

Freight Forwarders

Optics Consultants

Optical film expert

Books: UI and Interaction Design

3D Scanning

Speaking Engagement Compensation

Good button over tact switch design

USB Microscopes

Video production


Dry Transfer

Metal Spinners

Project Management Software (design budgets)

Industrial Imaging - X-raying


Silicone Molder Resources


Silicone Molders

Silicone Molders

Die Cutable Film or Fabric

coffee machines etc

Ceramics machining and machinists (Bay Area focus)

Gear Source

Green Design

Industrial Radiography and Forensics

Injection Molding Books

IP and Brainstorms

Eco Packaging


Cool Stuff

CNC Vendor

CAD - What people are using

Affordable Transcription


Design guidelines for cultural contextuality

Foam Model Makers

Flexible Shielded Ribbon

Far East Estimator

Designing for Developing Countries (classes, contacts, programs)

Life Cycle Assessment

Painting SLA models

Light and LED experts

Transcription Services

Taste and smell experts

Sustainability Consulting


SLA Providers

Unfurling 3D Composites into 2D Plans

US Injection Molder

Wire forming - domestic vendors, quicker turn



web site coders and designers

Virtual Office Tools

Web Engineering Firms

Sand Casting

Reformating a Mac for donation

PCB overmolding

Patent Attorneys (East Bay or SF)

Model Makers for glass and acrylic prototypes from CAD files

Magnets and Magnetic Latches

Membrane Key Pad

Plastic Sheets


Printing Houses for Small Runs


Rapid Prototyping

Prototype or low-run injection mold tooling

Product Photographers: NYC

ProENGINEER vs SolidWorks

Thin wall ceramics

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