Electrical Engineering Contractors

As of 11/1/20: (refreshed from 5/16/13 list which I kept intact, scroll down for that)


==== Scott Brenneman

scott@brennemanconsult.com  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbrenneman/


==== Peter Russo



==== Ologic

Ted Larson  650-996-1490  EE + ME  https://ologicinc.com/   City: Santa Clara, CA


==== 219 Design

Miguel Piedrahita  miguel@219design.com  Phone: (650) 969-4219 x101   https://219design.com/  City: Mountain View, CA

a mechatronics design firm started in 2004 by several Stanford MS graduates. 


==== Mindtribe  

Steve Myers Phone: 650 324 9432x 101 Email: steve@mindtribe.com  https://mindtribe.com/  City: SF

considerable Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE experience. 


==== Sector Technology

Keith Riordan Phone: 408-257-4428  http://www.sector-tech.com/  City: Cupertino, CA

"Bridge worked with him for many years (probably still does) and so does Cool Systems." -Carl" 


==== Microsystems Development

Larry Polyak   Ph  408-280-1226 x112    lpolyak@msdus.com  City: San Jose, CA


==== Digi (was Spectrum)

https://www.digi.com/  City: St. Paul, MN

Try Spectrum here in St Paul, MN - they're big on wireless.  


==== Delve

Dave Franchino  |  President + Principal  |  608-316-8440  EE + ME   https://www.delve.com/

We have an electrical engineering team with a fair amount of Bluetooth experience.  We can do hardware, firmware and software. City: Madison, MN & SF


==== Data Spectrum

Bill Sinclair Phone: (310) 643-0040 Email: wds@dataspec.com  http://www.dataspec.com/

23 years of experience. Best for industrial, or Medical projects that are more technical in nature.  City: Los Angeles, CA 


====  Soft Computing Technology

Tom Poliquin Phone: (831) 477-0346 Email: poliquin@softcomp.com  http://www.softcomp.com/  City: Soquel, CA


==== Synapse

Mathieu Kury 510 274 8266     https://www.synapse.com/ City: SF


==== Loco Labs

http://locolabs.com  City: Santa Clara, CA


==== Autient

Tom Zagotta  (248) 667-7291  www.autient.com   City:  South Lyon, MI


==== Quick Precision Design == Layout

Daryl O'Grady Phone: (408) 776-6702 Email: daryl@qpd.com Website: http://www.qpd.com City: Morgan Hill, CA  


==== James Scott Design == Layout

jlscott_pacbell <jlscott@pacbell.net>  Phone: (408) 727-9866   City: Santa Clara, CA 


As of 5/16/13:

--  We, Pocobor (pocobor.com), specialize in embedded systems and can definitely support you and your client in developing a product/platform with bluetooth capabilities. This falls perfectly into the sweet spot of what we do: we build custom electronics and write custom firmware. And we've done a handful of bluetooth projects (both using drop-in modules like the WT32 and down to the bluetooth chipset).

John Pelochino | pocobor. | www.pocobor.com | john@pocobor.com
mobile: 415.260.6869 | office: 415.513.5584 | fax: 415.871.2192


-- Miguel Piedrahita

Founding Partner, 219 Design

(650) 969-4219 x101


--  (from Elliot Sather) MindTribe in San Francisco has considerable Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE experience. I am not sure if you saw that stylus and ruler Adobe announced recently but they worked on those; I believe they use BLE. Steve Myers would be the one to talk to there.


-- Try Spectrum here in St Paul, MN - they're big on wireless. http://www.spectrumdsi.com/


--They may not be the cheapest option, but Cambridge Consultants in the UK (http://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/core-skills/radio-rf-systems) have a depth of experience in this area, having been involved with BT development for well over a decade. 


-- We have an electrical engineering team with a fair amount of Bluetooth experience.  We can do hardware, firmware and software.

Dave Franchino  |  President + Principal  |  608-316-8440
Design Concepts, Inc.
5301 Buttonwood Dr.  |  Madison, WI  53718


-- (from Darren Kim) Here is a good independent EE HW consultant:

Neil ragsdale


(530) 228-5663


-- You might try Grant Jones at CardAccess. 801-748-4900 ext 29


-- Perhaps http://www.locolabs.com



As of 3/07


==== Contact: D2M Phone: ? Email: ? Website: www.d2m-inc.com City: Mountain View Notes:


good EE/FW team @ D2M in Mt. View : www.d2m-inc.com ...Ok they compete a little on the ME side, but group knows how to collaborate on development

- John Johnston


==== Contact: MindTribe Steve Myers Phone: 650 324 9432x 101 Email: steve@mindtribe.com Website: www.mindtribe.com City: Palo Alto Notes: called me after seeing post "


==== Contact: E-M Designs Phone: ? Email: ? Website: www.emdesigns.com/home.htm City: Half Moon Bay


The only other one I have is E-M Designs, which I'm sure is already on your






==== Contact: REM Design

Chuck McCall Phone: 415.621.3913 x202 Email: ? Website: /www.remdesign.com/ City: SF


rec by Steve (?) of Crayola


==== Contact: Brian Huppi Phone: 650 714 1744 Email: brian@quentinlabs.com Website: www.quentinlabs.com City: SF(Bayview)


Hi Art,

I have an EE contractor to add to your list. Brian Huppi who I used to work with at Apple. His email: hupp@mac.com.

I am sure he could competently handle any challenge you threw his way. He is very creative and thorough.




==== Contact: Green Mountain Tyler Palmer Phone: (415) 979-9794 Email: TylerP@greenmountainengineering.com Website: www.greenmountainengineering.com/ City: SF



==== Contact: Data Spectrum Bill Sinclair Phone: (310) 643-0040 Email: wds@dataspec.com Website: www.dataspec.com City: Los Angeles, CA Notes: 23 years of experience. Best for industrial, or Medical projects that are more technical in nature.


==== Contact: Tehama Wireless Don MacNally Phone: 415 495-7344 Email: dmac@tehamawireless.com Website: www.tehamawireless.com City: SF


==== Contact: Soft Computing Technology Tom Poliquin Phone: (831) 477-0346 Email: poliquin@softcomp.com Website: ? City: Soquel, CA


From Michael Roberts: I also worked with Tom Poliquin on a project for Intel a few years ago. He was a good guy to work with.


==== Contact: Quick Precision Design Daryl O'Grady Phone: (408) 776-6702 Email: daryl@qpd.com Website: http://www.qpd.com City: Morgan Hill, CA


From Michael Roberts: ""One of the EE's at Moto recommended Daryl O'Grady and Kent Suzuki to me a while ago. Contact info attached. I haven't worked with either of them and can't vouch for them personally, but I do trust the guy who recommended them."" "


==== Contact: Keith Riordan Phone: 408-257-4428 Email: keith@sector-tech.com Website: ? City: ?


From Michael Roberts: "Carl Bettag gave me this contact: Keith Riordan 408-257-4428 keith@sector-tech.com "Bridge worked with him for many years (probably still does) and so does Cool Systems." -Carl"


==== Contact: MOTO Development Phone: Email: Website: www.moto.com City: SF



From Michael Roberts: Moto Development Group could also be a good resource. There's some overlap between your firms on the ME front, but it's possible you guys could work together smoothly.


==== Contact: 219 Design, LLC Miguel Piedrahita Phone: (650) 969-4219 Email: miguel@219design.com Website: http://219design.com/ City: Mountain View


Notes: Hello,


I received your email regarding EE firms, and I wanted to pass along some information about 219 Design for your list.


219 Design LLC, is a mechatronics design firm started in 2004 by several Stanford MS graduates. At 219 Design we specialize in the interaction between mechanical, electronic, and software systems. We have worked on a variety of projects in areas such as custom circuit design, PCB layout, embedded software development, RF communication, custom communication protocols, solar-powered systems, mechanical design, and GUI development. As graduates of Stanford's ME 218 Smart Product Design sequence, we also have experience with optical encoders and with driving stepper and DC motors.


We've been the principal design team for two generations of the Road Spot Lighting System (http://www.spotdevices.com), which is a solar powered, radio-frequency activated crosswalk lighting system. We performed the entire circuit design, including component selection, PCB layout, BOM development, and ordering and testing prototype runs. We also developed the microcontroller firmware and a GUI for system configuration and data collection. We helped lead the products into production, and there are now dozens of systems installed throughout the country.


Our clients include companies such as Synaptics Inc, Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory, BMW Technology Office, Los Gatos Research Inc, Spot Devices Inc, Validity Sensors Inc, and Water Security Corporation Inc. We'd be happy to provide references from some of our satisfied clients upon request.



Some of our specific capabilities include:


Microcontroller-based system development with both the Microchip PIC and the Atmel AVR families. We have streamlined development systems in place for both architectures, including C compilers and in-circuit debugging capabilities.

Custom circuit design.


1 to 4-layer PCB layout. We use Altium Designer for schematic capture and PCB layout.

GUI development in both Visual C++ and Java.

On-site electronic and mechanical prototyping abilities (milling machine, lathe, surface-mount capabilities, etc.)

Company-wide documentation and version control systems.

3D CAD models and dimensioned drawings with SolidWorks.


Electrical contractors Essex


Please let me know if you would like any more information about 219 Design and our capabilities. Thanks for your time,




Miguel Piedrahita

Senior Designer

219 Design, LLC

(650) 969-4219

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