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Cast Urethane

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Date: 02:52 PM GMT, 10/08/209

From: Mario Madrigal


ProtoCafe has an excellent urethane casting shop. 


We offer:


  • Custom color matching
  • Clear materials
  • FDA approved materials (USP Class 6)
  • Production grade materials
  • Over molding
  • Pad printing / Silk screening
  • Threaded Inserts


Materials Options: Material can be chosen to match the hardness of your production material, from 10 shore A to 80 shore D, giving the prototype the same "feel" as a production part. Today's urethanes can withstand heat up to 220 degrees F.


- ABS-like - Lexan-like
- Polyesther - Polypropylene-like
- Epoxy - Santoprene-like
- Silicone Rubber - Over molded
- Clear/Tinted - Insert molded
- Polyurethane resins  


Be sure to check out the rest of our capabilities at:



We're located in Newark, CA





Date: 11:35 PM GMT, 12/13/2004

From: "Carl Bettag"


NOTE (from Carl Bettag, 12/1/06)

I have not been able to locate a 'perfect' RP vendor. All the vendors I have worked with occasionally have a problem or do poorly. The same seems to hold true for all other RP vendors I've found. I'm not saying that the groups below are no good - in fact I think they are very good. However, it's my experience that ALL RP vendors have occasional problems, so be prepared.


FYI here are some of the cast urethane resources that were recommended to me or that I have personally used:



Forecast: Good RP house, does limited production. www.forecast-3d.com, San

Diego area

Protogenics: Highly recommended by a trusted source. www.protogenics.com,


Synergy systems: Does limited volume urethane production for the medical

industry. ISO 9002 certified. www.synergyproto.com

Solid Concepts: Also highly recommended from a trusted source. Do not know

if they do any production. www.solidconcepts.com

Hope this is useful to someone.


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