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Branding Designers

Page history last edited by Elijah Woolery 3 years, 5 months ago

Updated  November 2020

Recommendations received by Eli Woolery from the alumni list


I would highly recommend a group that we just used for Resharp based in Boulder CO called Fadduh - https://www.fadduh.com/

-Dave Lyons


Speak to Hub Strategy and Communications in SF. They produce their own media so they would be great at crafting your message.

-Mike Strasser


I can suggest RetailBound, Inc.  Yohan Jacob specializes in helping companies go to market with their product. He is also a Stanford grad! 

Great to work with.  He is based in Chicago, but has consultants all over, including the Bay Area. 



-Louis Hsiao


I came across R/GA Ventures working with Freewire. R/GA Ventures did I nice job on branding. 


-Jochen Backs



I really like Marty Neumeier at Liquid. 


-Bill Burnett


I found working with A Hundred Monkeys to be straightforward and enjoyable. I ended up selecting them because they seemed to best understand how to reconcile the often highly-subjective and non-linear creative process inherent to branding, and the need to convey some sort of articulable process to other stakeholders to generate buy in. 

I'd recommend.

-Jason Chua


Collins!  They do amazing work. Happy to make an introduction.

-Alonzo Canada


We worked with Marissa Shapiro at Martha (www.thisismartha.com). Haven’t seen her copy work yet but amazing brand guidelines and voice + tone work. Also super reasonably priced. We love her! Doing copy, site design and photo with her now. 

-Amanda Calabrese



April 2019

Recommendations received by John Edmark from the alumni list:



rec'd by Eugene Korsunskiy


We had an excellent experience with Born & Bred last year. They did a complete overhaul of our brand for Pearl Coffee - including a new name, new logo and revised brand strategy. I would recommend highly.  - Greg Kress


IDEO SF does branding work. - Peter Macdonald




rec'd by Mason Curry


I would like to highly recommend one of our own: Daylight DesignsDan Kim runs their Seoul office and has an extremely talented crew there working on branding. We loved collaborating with them – they worked up the identity for SpeedSmith, pulling off the tough trick of fulfilling the character we had in mind, and adding twists we would have never thought of. They should be a default conversation for us Stanford designers when we are thinking of branding work. - Joseph Hei


I run a tiny branding shop too :) http://www.aandjdesignworks.com/ - Avantika Agarwal


To add one more to the list, we've had a fantastic experience with Casey Martin at Play. I like a couple things about working with Casey: 

  • He has chops from Leo Burnett but is starting his own agency in the Bay, so you get lots of attention.
  • He's the one calling the design shots, so you know a junior associate isn't doing all the work. 
  • He's easy and fun to work with.

-DeWolf Emery


I highly recommend Tolleson in SF:https://tolleson.com/work/

I have worked with them on several projects and they do very thoughtful and beautiful work across multiple disciplines.

- Kamran Arshad


I’ve worked with Play Studio and Silas Reeves for branding and highly recommend both.  - Gabrielle Guthrie





Date: 03:01 AM GMT, 07/01/2005

From: Dan Lythcott-Haims


Thank you all for your recommendations.


We have hired one of the below, and when it turns out well I will post

my personal recommendation.


I left off the list one or two individuals who responded as freelancers

but who currently are employed full-time. For their own protection. :)




Dan Lythcott-Haims, BS PD '91



Dave Nong


recommended by Bryan Cooperrider


Beth Marx



recommended by Maria Mortati


Unified Design Labs

Art Shoji


recommended by Dave Maltz

also recommende by Robert Miros


Amy Weiher


recommended by Helen Shaughnessy




recommended by Sascha@retailleau.com




recommended by Sascha@retailleau.com




recommended by Sascha@retailleau.com


Willy and Patrick of Swayspace (PD circa 1998 or 1999)


recommended by Nora McCauley, MFA 96



John Edson



Edward Saenz

Gravity Branding


recommended by David Thomsen


Heather Andrus

Director of Engineering/General Manager

Altitude, Inc.

363 Highland Avenue

Somerville, MA 02144 USA

617-623-7600 ext. 246





David Lehmann


Box 1171 Palo Alto, CA 94302




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