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Force gauge and linear scales

Page history last edited by Brogan Miller 2 years, 9 months ago

Original question:

Brogan Miller brogan@alumni.stanford.edu


Reviews on Mark-10 force gauges and motorized stands? https://www.mark-10.com/

I've been searching for an affordable force gauge/linear scale combo, and I found Mark-10 and these options: force gauge and motorized stand. 

Their specs and pricing look good. Anybody have experience with this company?




Robert Miros <robert@3rdstonedesign.com>

We own a couple of Mark-10 gauges. They are well priced, plenty accurate for our needs (medical device prototype and production inspection, as well as human factors testing), and portable! 

I’d recommend them for a smaller company looking for good testing equipment.


Chris Miksovsky <chris@humangear.com>

We have the Series 3 gauge and a basic hand-operated stand (looks like the “TSB100”). It’s been useful at times. I haven’t really had to interact with the company but the product has been fine.


Jenny Ouk <jenny.ouk@gmail.com>

Just ordered a few similar things from them. My engineer got them up and working in a day after we received them, so I think they work well. But I would recommend buying off of Amazon instead of from the company directly. Their sales email is extremely slow to respond.


Heidi Farrell <heidi.serene@gmail.com>

Yes, that’s the brand I use.  

FYI Series 3 and above have data connectivity and can output to a PC. Series 2 is good if you don’t need that feature and want to save on cost. 


Dave Franchino <dave.franchino@delve.com> Justen England <justen.england@delve.com>

We have motorized Mark-10s in all three of our offices.  I’ve puttered with them for some personal use but I know our Boston Managing Director -  Justen England (Stanford MS) is copied on this and I think he has a fair amount of experience with them. (Justen?)


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