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Online course or tutorial platforms

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As an alternative to physical, in-person workshops or courses here are some platforms that people have suggested:


-  I often use youtube for simple stuff. We have a lydia account for paid courses. if we want more than that i think people tend to find physical classes.


For design, I haven't used but have mentored students on Springboard and on Design Labs. Unfortunately I can't speak to how I've enjoyed it but Design Labs was much more up-to-date and easier to navigate than Springboard!


I've used Blackboard, Moodle, Litmos, and have cobbled together my own thing out of Google Docs, a Wordpress blog, and custom HTML.  They have all sucked, but in different ways.  


Mostly because of their imperfect predictions of what you'll want to do and how you'll want to do it.  And all their pseudo-GUI HTML editors are crap, so I just do all formatting for all my assignments & readings in hand-coded HTML and paste it in.  I've never handled the money side of them, so nothing to say there.  Honestly, the system I liked best was my custom hacked-together system, but it wouldn't scale well to lots of users.


If you have an opportunity to partner with a university on your course, I highly recommend Coursera.  


My colleagues at Northwestern and UCSD recently created two courses on Coursera: Leadership Through Design Innovation and User Experience and Prototyping.   Coursera (started by Stanford faculty) has been wonderful to work with. They charge for "certificates" and the content creator (our universities, in this case) get a percentage. The number of students to which they have access to is phenomenal.


Best of luck! 

p.s. Appears that IDEOu uses NovoED.


This is a future possibility, not an immediate need filler, (and maybe an inspiration) but people are raving about Detour audio tours.

It may turn into a open platform for others to use in the future.



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